Adults Living With Disabilities Program

This is a fun-filled program of three to four days for adults living with disabilities aged between 18-65. Adults can relax and enjoy a break filled with activities with all their clinical and care is provided for their disability-related needs. This programme is particularly relevant for adults who live with their parents, in a group home or aged care facility or have little contact with other people with disabilities.

The programme provides a range of activities that may be new, challenging, and exciting, e.g., sailing, fishing, a trip to the beach with access to get close to the water and sand. It gives the guest a chance to mix with other people who have similar lived experiences. People with disabilities can often suffer from loneliness and isolation; this program provides opportunities to form long-lasting friendships and enjoy some fantastic experiences.

The benefit of this program is that it can improve their self-esteem and confidence, which usually extends well beyond the end of the program. Guests who reside in institutions are given a “break-away” from their usual routines.

Caring for a person with a disability can be a very demanding and challenging job. Often their carers can be subjected to burnt-out, this program also provides an opportunity for their carers or family to have a “break-away.