Young Carers
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and Siblings

This program is essential as it is for children who bear the burden of responsibility for caring for a family member who may be suffering from a physical or intellectual disability, mental illness, chronic, severe, or terminal illness, autism or depression. It is coordinated during their school holidays with some 30-40 siblings attending. Often, unintentionally, the needs of these children are overlooked as their routine lives are intertwined with many responsibilities.


Camp Breakaway provides a range of social and sports activities that may offer new challenges, thereby giving them a chance to develop self-expression, confidence, to encourage them to gain independence, and promote a sense of self-worth


It’s an opportunity for them to have a few fun days respite in the company of peers who might have an understanding of their situation and similar lived experiences. It’s an opportunity for kids to “just to be kids” and have some fun and form friendships.

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Our Camp Goals

opportunity for young carers and siblings to have fun 

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