Seniors Retreats

guests, including the frail aged, intellectually delayed and those with dementia

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This program caters for a variety of senior guests including those that are frail aged, dementia, intellectually delayed, downs syndrome to name a just a few.


This is a fun-filled program of three to four days where seniors can relax and enjoy a break filled with fun filled activities while all their clinical and personal care is catered to. This program is beneficial to seniors who live alone at home and who has little outside contact with other people.


The program is aimed at reducing loneliness and isolation; and provides the opportunity to form friendships and enjoy some fantastic experiences.


The benefit of this program is that it helps improve their self-esteem and confidence, which extends well beyond the completion of the camp. Seniors who live alone are given a “break-away” from routine homelife and gives them opportunities to form friendships.

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Split into two groups

In 2018 these respites were split into two groups:

Activities at these respites can include – barbeques, bingo, bus trips, cooking, craft, discussion groups, games, hand and foot massages, and live entertainment. Our program team ensures all guests enjoy a wide variety of enjoyable, entertaining, and relaxing activities. Also, plenty of free time allows guests to mingle and enjoy friendship with each other.

Camp Breakaway’s professional kitchen staff provide a wide variety of meals and often cater to guests with special dietary needs, i.e., diabetic, gluten-free, vegan.

Camp Breakaway employs registered nurses and certificate III and IV staff to look after seniors retreat guests. Care also includes providing companionship during their stay, attending to their oral hygiene, and assistance with showering, dressing and meals.