Helping us help others 



Anyone with an interest in our work is welcome to become a member of Camp Breakaway. Becoming a member is a worthwhile way in which you can support our work to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

The cost is $20 per year per person or $10 for pensioners. This includes a ‘Welcome to Camp Breakaway’ kit, newsletter and voting rights at our annual general meeting.

What is included with Membership?

The online payment facility has been rolled out on a school-by-school basis. The facility is available in all secondary schools and the majority of primary and ASN schools.

Once you have this reference number, you can make a payment. As soon as you receive the reference number you will be able to pay for school meals, check the balance on your child’s account and see what they purchased (these facilities are available online even if the child pays for their meals via the revaluation machine in the school).

As the school require you to pay for trips and other school expenses they will make them available online.