Call out for support

Having an exciting and relaxing break away for most people in our community simply means the healing of the soul and mental well-being. Yet for many of those with a disability and their families, especially those in wheelchairs or having a profound disability, a breakaway can mean an impossibility or a logistical nightmare. Yet for close to forty years the name “Breakaway” has meant more to the disability world on the Central Coast and beyond than one can only imagine.

Formally known as Camp Breakaway at San Remo, now simply known as “Breakaway”,

this 12 ha disability respite accommodation and the fun facility is calling out to the Central Coast general community for some simple support.

Predominately run by volunteers and a small professional staff, ongoing maintenance repairs are becoming the major issue as costs skyrocket. Issues such as simple carpentry, painting, gardening, accessible pathways or cleaning gutters are simply like maintaining the Harbour Bridge.

Our small team of volunteers work tirelessly in maintaining the gardens and grounds, yet as they too become older, the issues become greater. This is where the Central Coast community is so fortunate in having people willing to lend a hand, especially for such a unique organisation as Breakaway.

We are calling on Tradespeople and others, be they retired or not, to dedicate what time they can afford towards our ongoing volunteer program or simply support the two proposed “Tradie Days” per year. Chipping in with their valued experience and expertise to allow Breakaway to continue their safe and unique services to the disability community can make a big difference. For those companies unable to contribute time or staff they could simply donate goods or financial support and therefore contribute with a tax-deductible donation.

The Breakaway “Maintenance Committee” is working hard towards supporting the regular ongoing teams of men and women wanting to lend a hand and the proposed “Tradie Days”, where teams of tradespeople and volunteers work together on projects that can be completed on the day.

If you or the company you work for are interested in helping a service that has been dedicated to our disabled children and adults for close to four decades and would like to visit the site or talk with a member of the Maintenance Committee for further details, please contact… Gary Blaschke Mobile 0424 890 455