Carers Program Partner Proposal 2022

Now is your chance to be apart of an awesome local Charity that is Enhancing the lives of Children and Adults and their families with disabilities.

This program is run for 30 to 40 children who bear the burden of responsibilities
for caring for a family member who may be suffering from a physical or
intellectual disability, chronic, severe, or terminal illness. Because of their
circumstances, they can miss out on things that other children take for granted
such as a simple trip to the beach. This program allows them to interact with
others their own age and make new friends that understand their home life.
This program receives no NDIS or government funding and relies on the support
of the Local Community by donations

Partner Benefit

Breakaway Benefit

If you would like to cover the full cost of the program, the Program would run and be named after Partner. We do try run 2 of these programs a year when we have the funding.