After joining the Mounties Group family in 2021, Central Coast venues Club Wyong and Halekulani Bowling Club, were delighted to embark on a new sponsorship with local charity, Camp Breakaway.

For 40 years, Camp Breakaway has provided respite care for people with a disability and their carers. Located on the NSW Central Coast, the purpose-built grounds have been a place of respite, relaxation and education for people with disabilities. The almost 12 hectares of land is nestled in an isolated location to provide a wonderful break for those who attend.

With a mission to provide environments and experiences that capture the joy of childhood, nurture each child’s individual growth and development, and pave the way for success in the future, the partnership with Mounties Group was the perfect platform to align the two organisations.

Through a $10,000 sponsorship, Mounties Group assisted Camp Breakaway’s Siblings & Young Carers Program. The funding allowed the organisation to continue to host its special events for siblings and young carers who bear the burden of caring for a family member with a disability.

“This special program is essential as it is for children who often take the load of responsibility for caring of a family member who may be suffering from a physical or intellectual disability, mental illness, chronic, severe, or terminal illness, autism or depression,” explained Camp Breakaway General Manager, Brett Walker.

“Through our work with families we see that often, unintentionally, the needs of these children are overlooked as their routine lives are intertwined with many responsibilities,” he added.

Coordinated during the school holidays with approximately 30 to 40 siblings attending, Camp Breakaway provides a range of social and sports activities that may offer new challenges, thereby giving siblings and young carers a chance to develop self-expression and confidence, to encourage them to gain independence, and promote a sense of self-worth.

“These events provide an opportunity for them to have a few fun days of respite in the company of peers who enjoy a similar understanding of their situation and lived experiences. It’s an opportunity for children to ‘just to be kids’ and have fun and form friendships,” added Brett.

Activities at Young Carers and Siblings camps included a bungee run, archery, Battlezone, cards, craft, disco, giant swing, movie night, sports, surfing, swimming, treasure hunt, water fights and a water slide.

Mounties Group’s Central Coast venues were thrilled to assist Camp Breakaway with its mission to enhance the lives of all people living with a disability through support and respite for their families and carers.